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One Magical Trick to Upgrade Your Writing Skills

One_magical_trick_that_will_make_you_a_better_writerMost of us have had the experience of staring at a blank sheet of paper or empty document on our computer… and struggled mightily to come up with those first few words.

The screen stares back at you… empty. Taunting you.  Laughing at you.  You know that if you could just come up with the first few words, the rest of your document would flow onto the keyboard almost magically. But those first few words are nothing less than a logjam keeping the rest of your thoughts backed up.

Here’s the magic trick:  Stop trying to write words. Start writing facts, feelings, or ideas.

When it comes right down to it, humans don’t deal in words.  We deal in facts, feelings and ideas.  Words are simply the vehicle we use to deliver the cargo.  

Whether you’re crafting an email, a blog post, or some other form of correspondence:  What are the facts you want someone to know?  How do you feel about the subject you’re writing about?  What is the idea you’d like to share?  

Facts.  Feelings.  Ideas.  Focus on those… and the words will follow.

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