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Order Up, with a Side of Social Media


The movie Chef, starring Jon Favreau, John Leguizamo, and Sofia Vergara was in the theaters last year, and is now available on Netflix and for rental.

Some called it “the feel-good movie of the year” — and I agree — but it’s also a GREAT way to get up to speed on Social Media!

As the story begins, we meet a very creative chef who is only allowed to cook what's on the menu in a high-end Los Angeles restaurant. Called out and ridiculed by a food blogger for his stagnancy, he faces a crisis. The blogger has shot an arrow into a very sore spot. The Chef tweets an angry reply to the food blogger, not realizing that his response is public — and that the blogger has thousands of followers.

Suddenly, he is thrust upon a national stage. So he asks the blogger to give him a second chance to wow him with his cuisine.

He presses for creative license from his boss, who does not understand the situation (or social media), and ends up losing his job. One public meltdown later, our lovable Chef is a viral sensation, but NOT in a good way.

In steps his 10-year-old son to help him navigate the world of social media marketing. And what a job he does! Utilizing every major social media site out there, he helps his dad back into the spotlight. Together they cross the US in a food truck, and with the son’s geo-location savvy, they have crowds lining up for a taste wherever and whenever they stop.

By the end of the film, you’ll know a lot about how social media works and how it can be harnessed to work for you and your clients! You might also be dabbing your eyes with a tissue and craving a Cuban sandwich and yucca fries

And if you want to go further in your knowledge of social media, be sure to enroll in our new online course, Digital What and Why: Social. This course includes units on Reputation Management, Crowdsourcing, Hyperlocal and RSS — delving deeper into the Whats and Whys of Social Media, how it works, and how it can be leveraged to your client’s benefit.  

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