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Replace HR with an HF Department


I wonder if we could all treat people better if we replaced human resources with a department focused on human flourishing (HF). People are certainly more human than they are resources, but I wonder if there is a better way to think of them than merely resources. One of the dictionary definitions of flourish is "to thrive or grow luxuriantly." Pretty cool way to think of your people.

At our company, we don't have an HR department because we don’t see our people as simply resources, we try to operate from a human flourishing mindset. We are continually thinking of the talents and aspirations of our people and then focusing on how to put them in roles where they can flourish.  
We help our clients do the same thing. We help organizations improve sales performance and the first step is to know the talents of everyone on your team. We use an assessment called the Online Sales Talent Interview (OSTI) to get a clear picture of the talent of each member of a sales team. This sets a manager in motion to create a human flourishing plan, to help their people become more than resources.  
What can you do this week to help your team flourish and thrive?
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