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The Online Ad Industry Is Undergoing Self-Reflection + More


We hope you've had a great week! It's Friday, and today we're sharing what we've been reading online this week! Here are our "best" from around the web.

1The Online Ad Industry Is Undergoing Self-Reflection. That’s Good News. — The New York Times

Traditional and digital media haven't always connected, but the future of the ad industry is a combination of both. Making the leap from traditional to digital doesn't have to be a difficult one, but the online ad industry is also going to have to learn how to work with traditional media. The New York Times explains how both industries are going to have to learn that they need each other, and the best way to build those relationships (and skills).

2. 9 TED Talks on Effective Communication That Will Help You Close More Deals — HubSpot

Communication: that word you always hear when talking about customer relationships. It can be the difference between closing a deal or going home empty handed. But what does it really mean, and do you employ good communication every day? HubSpot put together a list of 9 TED Talks on how to best use effective communication to close more deals.

3. The New Customer Retention — Merkle

Keeping customers is more valuable and less expensive than finding new customers, but how can you to keep your customers with your company? Fostering relationships and even using new technology can help in keep your customers on the journey they want to be on. Merkle offers these 3 important tips for customer retention.

4. 6 Ways to Dodge Time-Wasting Meetings, and Stay Productive — Salesforce

Are too many work meetings harmful to your productivity, and therefore, your success? Although meetings can have many benefits, it's possible they do more harm than good. Salesforce has 6 ways you can still benefit from the information while keeping the meetings short, or dodge them altogether.

5. Discover Whether You're a Sales Hunter, Farmer, or Trapper— HubSpot

Knowing what kind of sales person you are can make a difference in how you approach new and existing clients. Do you prefer to seek out new prospects, grow and nurture new relationships over time, or attracting clients through marketing tactics? HubSpot offers some tips to figure out whether you are a sales hunter, farmer, or trapper, and how this will help you nurture your leads.

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