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Weekly Roundup: Modern Selling Techniques, 2019 Sales Trends, + More

modern selling techniques and sales trends 2019






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4 Sales Trends That You Need To Know About In 2019  Forbes

This post reviews the recent 4th Annual Sales Enablement Study (2018) and the performance, impact, and trends of sales coaching and organizations this year. >>> READ MORE

How Sales Professionals Can Use Their Networks to Leverage Modern Selling Techniques — No Matter How Much Experience They Have  LinkedIn

Modern selling techniques have tremendous power to improve your sales organization’s performance. Customers have become accustomed to personalized outreach, and we’ve found that if a salesperson has at least one common connection with a prospect, it increased InMail acceptance rate by 45%. In order to effectively leverage modern selling techniques, sales professionals need to have a healthy network of authentic connections. >>> READ MORE

5 Reasons to Involve Your Sales Team in Your Marketing Planning LeadG2

Many organizations have built barriers between the various functions of their business. Even groups that rely on and support each other’s goals (like Sales and Marketing) are “siloed” in their own worlds and rarely communicate. Breaking down those walls and aligning goals and expectations can be challenging, but there are tremendous benefits as well. (This post was written for the marketers, but there are key takeaways sales professionals can take away from this article.) >>> READ MORE

The Ultimate Guide to Successful Sales Kickoffs [Agenda Included] Hubspot

What do you do for your buyers and why it that worth paying for… to them? Jim Cathcart often asks audiences say they sell customers good products or provide a valuable service, but what I want to know is, what does the customer feel is worth paying for? In other words, how do you make life better for them when they buy from you?  >>> READ MORE 


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