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Weekly Roundup: Strengthen Your Sales Management Techniques for 2019 + More







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Strengthen Your Sales Management Techniques for 2019  LinkedIn

As a sales manager, two of the best words you can hear are “thank you.” While it’s of course great to hear them from a customer who feels you went above-and-beyond, it’s even better to hear them from a sales rep for whom you’ve made a real difference. When your advice and input resonate, making a positive impact on another person’s career and livelihood, it’s a big deal, and helping your reps succeed can be an equally vital aspect of sales team management. >>> READ MORE

What Great Problem Solvers Do Differently Forbes

Most people assume that what it takes to be a great problem solver is simply raw intelligence. However, while intelligence helps, it’s not the only important element. >>> READ MORE

The State of Local SEO: Industry Insights for a Successful 2019 Moz

This report will help your business or agency understand both what experts are saying about the state of local SEO, and what practitioners are experiencing. >>> READ MORE

Are You Keeping Both the Decision Maker and Decision Influencers in Mind? LeadG2

For many businesses, the primary person that is focused on in both marketing and sales efforts is the key decision maker at a company (or even in a household). It’s easy for us to think about the person who has the most power to say “yes” because that’s what we’re looking for in the first place. However, if we are not also keeping in mind the people who can say “no,” then we could be missing opportunities and hurting our overall efforts. >>> READ MORE 


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