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Weekly Wrap Up: What We Wrote, and What We Read: Oct 13-16

What a great week! There are some great gems from our writers here, and wonderful news from around the web. Read on!

The Center for Sales Strategy Weekly Wrap-Up

  • Monday, Mike Anderson asked if you were really in love, or just fooling around... with customer-focused selling, that is.



  • Wednesday, Beth Sunshine wrote that even though we get better when we try to improve our strengths, our weaknesses just won't go away. She offers tips on how to deal with them.
  • Thursday, John Henley discussed the connection between culture and training, and gave us some insight that he learned when coaching a recent course.

Top Reads from Around the Web

We love to read and watch great content at least as much as we like generating it, so here are the posts that caught our eye this week:

What have you read recently that resonated with you? What have you written recently that resonated with your audience? Let us know, we'd love to share it!


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