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How to Fix the #1 Mistake that 94% of Sales Professionals Make in Negotiation + More


Throughout the week we're reading news articles and industry blogs, and Friday is the day we share our Top 5 with you. Here are this week's "best" from around the web.

1. How to Fix the #1 Mistake that 94% of Sales Professionals Make in Negotiation — SalesForce

Too often, salespeople leave money on the table because they aren't skilled negotiators. This article offers fantastic insight on how to arrive at the negotiation stage being the buyer's #1 choice. 

2. 6 Linking Techniques That Will Help Your Content Get Ranked, Found, and Read — Content Marketing Institute

If you're using inbound marketing to generate leads, you're creating lots of valuable content. Now you need that content to get found by your prospects. These linking techniques will help you boost your content in the search results.

3. 3 Ways to Boost Traditional B2B Sales Through Digital Marketing  — Adobe

Digital marketing gives us access to a data gold mine. It also gives us the ability to interact with clients in a way not previously possible. This article offers ideas on how you can take advantage of what digital offers B2B companies. 

4. 6 Questions to Increase Employee Engagement — Strategy + Business

Engaged employees are valuable employees. This 3-minute video features an interview with leadership researcher, author, and executive coach Marshall Goldsmith — he talks about what it is that ignites individuals’ commitment at work. 

5. Creating a Competitive Advantage With Your USP — Moz

"While as marketers we are all acutely aware of the importance of differentiation, we've been trained for the majority of our lives to seek out the norm." You can't differentiate yourself from your competition unless you're different. This post explains what a strong USP is and how to craft one that sets you apart.

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