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What's Standing Between You and Your Clients?

standing-between-you-and-your-clientsI’m going to share an experience that I know every person reading this post has had. Recently, I was reaching out to my _____________ provider (insert healthcare, insurance, ISP, wireless, credit card, etc.), and had to run the gauntlet of their automated phone service. You know the one: Press 7 for this department, press 9 for that representative… mind-numbingly trying to navigate an automated phone menu simply to find a human who can help me with my issue. Even worse are the systems that invite me to “speak” my need—they claim to be able to understand me, but they constantly end up sending me to the wrong option.

I got to thinking, “Does anyone who works for this company ever try to call themselves… to see just what a mess has been made of their customer communication?”

Then, I got to thinking, what kinds of frustration are people exposed to when they try to reach me?

Or you?

Are there any barriers or inconveniences standing between you and your clients?

It’s the start of a new year, and a great time to:

  1. Re-check the signature line of your email correspondence, and if it includes the main number to your office, make sure it also includes your extension.
  2. Repeat step 1, but make sure you’ve included a mobile phone number. People know you’re not at your desk and that’s the first one they’ll try, anyway. 
  3. Call your company as if you’re a customer looking for sales information. How hard is it to find someone who’s willing to take your money?
  4. Call your office as if you’re someone who has a legitimate question about a purchase you’ve already made. How hard is it to find someone with answers?

It can be a lot of work finding prospects, exploring for needs you can solve, and then designing a plan that you can accomplish and the client can afford. For heaven’s sake, it should not be a lot of work for a customer or prospect to find you, to get that process started or keep it rolling smoothly.

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