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Why Banner Blindness Shouldn't Scare You + More

 Sales_and_Inbound_MarketingWe've come to the end of the week again, and it's time for us to share what we've been reading online this week. Here are our "best" from around the web.

1. Why Banner Blindness Shouldn't Scare You — VWO

Banner Ad Blindess is a real phenomenon. Stats show that only 14% users recall the last display ad they saw and the content it promoted. But Banner Blindness doesn't have to scare you, if you know how to beat it. This article explains how Banner Blindness works and offers 6 tricks and techniques that can minimize it to make your ads stand out in front of users.

2. Facebook at Work Expected by End of 2015 — Fast Company

In Facebook At Work, employees can maintain completely separate accounts for their work lives and use Facebook groups as informal company chat rooms, as well as Messenger for direct conversations. This post explains the details. Facebook is targeting companies with a virtual setup who have small teams that need to collaborate.

3. 2 Business Writing Tips from Hemmingway — PR Daily

Hemmingway isn't the first writer to come to mind when you think "business writing," but business communications can benefit greatly from Hemmingway's style. This blog post shares tips on how to make your business writing effective and engaging.

4. Driving Conversions Through Audience Analysis — Moz

In order to create content that generates leads, you need the right kind of content for the right kind of audience at the right time in their journey. This in-depth article explains how to design content that converts.

5. Serving Size — Seth Godin

Trying to reduce negative or unprofitable things in your life? Too much time on social media, too much money spent on lattes, too much salt at the dinner table? Seth Godin offers some simple-but-effective advice. Just limit your serving size. Only allow yourself 15 minutes a day for social media. Give yourself a strict latte budget. Instead of putting the entire shaker of salt out, just serve a tiny amount. He says it better than I do. 

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