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Moving Your Client Forward: If I, Will You?

Moving_Your_Client_Forward_In_the_Sales_ProcessIn Memory of Melissa Kelly – My First Sales Manager

I dedicate this blog in memory of my first sales manager, Melissa Kelly, who taught me so much. She lost a hard fought battle to breast cancer last year at the age of 53, but she NEVER lost a sale.

Here’s one of the main reasons why: In every stage of the sales process she used a very simple phrase, “If I (fill in the blank)?, Will You (fill in the blank)?" 

She made sure that every step she took when working with a client was a collaborative effort. Therefore, she always knew she was on the right path towards her next desired outcome in the sales process. Some examples:

Getting the Appointment

Melissa: “If I am able to share some capabilities I have to help you drive more sales from your website, will you allow me to spend an hour with you to really uncover your marketing challenges so I can determine what solutions might work best?

Summarizing and Identifying the Right Challenge

Melissa:  “If I work on coming back with ideas that zero in on helping you reach 200 single women aged 25-35 to sign up between now and December, will you be willing to invest in a solution for that?

Getting Buy-In

Melissa:  So it seems you like the “Love it or Leave it” idea best. If I flesh that idea out a bit with recommendations on how we could implement it, would you be willing to meet with me next week to discuss it?

Discussing Price

Melissa:  “So, the idea you liked best was “Love it or Leave it.” In order to make sure we reach those 200 single women, I have a custom program I would like to share with you. 

If I put together a proposal that includes the features that allows members to rate their dates “love it or leave it” after their experience and a way to comment anonymously about their date on our site, would you be willing to invest somewhere between 4K and 6K a week to make that happen?


Melissa:  So….If I were able to keep the investment of the entire program to $50,000 would that be a proposal you would sign off?

Overcoming Obstacles

Melissa:  “So Bob is the actual decision maker? If I come by your office on Thursday to go over the challenges we discussed in our last meeting and some potential ideas of how to help you with that challenge, will you invite Bob to the meeting?”

I know this phrasing seems so simplistic, but it gives you a tool to help you stop spinning your wheels which we often do. Have you ever presented a proposal with ideas that are not approved? Have you ever presented a proposal with three options of pricing because you have no idea where to start? Have you ever wondered if you are working on the right objective when you start coming up with a solution? Have you ever wanted to know if you are on the right path? 

Simply ask ”If I, Will You?” and you will know!

So in conclusion, “If I tell you that you will know where you stand by using this simple phrase, will you try it this week?”  

I hope you do!

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