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10 Habits of Success to Adopt into Your Daily Routine

Screen_Shot_2015-06-18_at_4.11.35_PMThere's so much content published every week that a person can never read it all themselves. That's why we're here, bringing you the weekly wrap up.  

Here are the five articles that piqued our interest:

1. 10 Habits of Success to Adopt into Your Daily Routine {Forbes}

If you are looking to be more successful, it might help to change up your routine and incorporate some of these daily habits. 

2. US Online Revenues Up 16% in Q1 {Marketing Charts}

Online ad revenue growth has now been in the double-digits for 20 consecutive quarters dating back to Q1 2010. Q1 2016 was no different with US online ad revenues up 16% year-over-year. 

3. Are You Doing Enough to Retain Your Top Talent? {strategy + business

Interactive quizes and surveys are always fun. This one is no different and provides leaders with a good understanding of whether or not they are doing enough to retain their top talent.  It's only 8 questions and takes just a few minutes to complete. 

4. 7 Powerful People-Tasks You Can Do Today {Leadership Freak}

In order to accomplish great things, it takes a team of dedicated people to see your vision and to act on it. But how do you optimize your teams' talents and get the best you can out of everyone that looks to you as a leader? Here are 7 things you can do to day to start to build relationships with your team.  

5. How to Reach Your Ideal Customer on Social Media {Inc.com}

With the number of hyper targeting capabilities with social media increasing on a daily basis,  it's becoming even easier to reach your ideal customer on social media.  Casting a smaller, more targeted net could be the best approach to reaching your target audience.

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