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4 Digital Marketing Trends You Can't Afford to Ignore + More


We've come to another Friday, and it's time for us to share what we've been reading online this week. Here are our "best" from around the web.

1. 4 Digital Marketing Trends You Can't Afford to Ignore — Inc.

The four trends described in this article offer an incredible, never-before-realized opportunity to cultivate relationships with your prospects in unique ways. They're also an opportunity for media to forge new offerings to their clients and innovate their way into these new spaces where their competitors aren't.

2. How to Create Persuasive Content: Lessons from Aristotle — Content Marketing World

Aristotle, the original master of persuasion, taught how to create the most compelling, powerful arguments. The same principles that apply to writing an opinion piece apply to writing compelling marketing content, starting with Aristotle’s rhetorical appeals: Ethos, pathos, and logos. This post shows you how to use these appeals to craft stronger content.

3. How to Master the Elevator Pitch — Insightly

Chances are a prospect will decide whether or not to continue exploring a relationship with your company in less than a minute. Whether you're on the phone with a prospect or at an in-person networking event, you've got a lot riding on your elevator pitch. The elevator pitch is a simple concept, but it's not so easy to get right. This article offers a few great tips to help you hone yours.

4. Crafting A Perfect ‘About Me’ Page [Infographic] — Social Media Today

People who visit your About page are most likely familiar with you and what you have to offer. They've already read a blog post or follow you on social media, and they now want to learn more. These are warm leads. This infographic offers some excellent ideas on how to improve your About page.

5. What Are You Competing On? — Seth Godin

It's pretty easy to figure out what you're competing for—attention, a new gig, a promotion, a sale. But what is your edge? In a hypercompetitive world, whatever you're competing on is going to become your focus. These thoughts from Seth Godin offer insight into how our focus influences our competitive edge.

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