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Six Ways To Better Organize Your Time


Is it even possible to organize time? Let’s look at six ways we can focus our time on the things that are most important to us. 

  1. Consider Current Commitments

Take a look at what you have already committed to doing. Look at each appointment on your calendar and each item on your latest to-do list. What result do you want to see from each commitment? How does each one make you feel when you think about that use of your time? 

  1. Make Priority Lists 

We’ve heard this a million times before and probably have a stack of lists already. But taking the time to write down and organize your priorities is still one of the best ways to make sure you get more of them accomplished. tweet-button-1.jpg Your list gives you a chance to do #1 above and connect emotionally with how you feel about your current commitments.

  1. Batch Process Longer

When your computer is multi-tasking, it is actually only doing one thing at a time. Since its decisions are based on a 1 or a 0, it can switch between projects 60 times or more in a second. Your decisions are not as simple, and each time you switch between projects your brain needs to reset and figure out the new decision process. The more often you switch, the more time you use. 

  1. Say "No" More

Knowing when we need to say "no" is important to staying organized. Often we simply can’t say "no". However, not saying no, at least sometimes, may jeopardize our ability to follow through and deliver on our current commitments. Where do we need to say "no"? Or at least “not now.”

  1. Delegate More Too

Someone else can always do some of the things we do ourselves each day. Some things we may like to do. But at least some of what we do, should be done by someone else. Even if you’re not a manager, there are probably support people and other resources available to delegate some of the tasks that keep you from your big rocks.

  1. Let It Go

We carry too much along with us long after it’s necessary. Everything we own carries a weight that we must carry. What can you reduce? Each time you thin a file folder, a box, or a closet down, you will make better use of what remains.

Which of these six would have the greatest impact on the organization of your time?

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