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5 Not-So-Obvious Ways Sales Can Leverage Content Marketing to Close Deals + More


We've come to the end of the week! It's Friday, and today we're sharing what we've been reading online this week! Here are our "best" from around the web.

1. 5 Not-So-Obvious Ways Sales Can Leverage Content Marketing to Close Deals — Content Marketing Institute

Content can be leveraged to not just create the potential for deals, but to actually help the sales team close deals. Here are five challenges that keep deals from closing that your content can fix.

2. Putting Credibility First — strategy + business

There are myriad reasons why leaders come across as lacking credibility when it comes to launching new initiatives. And when team members don't get a strong sense of credibility, the initative will suffer. To build a transformation that people will enthusiastically support, leaders should (1) identify and understand personal values, (2) align those values with the transformational goals, and (3) identify actions to model those values to the organization. This article discusses each of these steps.

3. The Definitive Guide to Measuring Your First Paid Social Campaign — Unbounce

Because Facebook and LinkedIn offer exceptional targeting options, paid social campaigns can be a key element of your content promotion strategy. Paid social ads can drive signups and get eyeballs on your content. This comprehensive article walks you through defining objectives and KPIs for your social media campaign, prepping and launching the campaign, measuring results, and reporting on results and iterating for your next campaign.

4. 12 Prospect Objections That Are Actually Requests For Information — HubSpot

Educating prospects about your product will always include a little bit of push-pull, and while you should never browbeat prospects with legitimate objections into buying your product, you can’t just walk away from a deal at the first sign of resistance, either. This post will help you navigate the objections that are really just being raised because your prospect doesn’t have the whole picture.

5. Is Your Writing Readable? 3 Concepts to Master for Copy That Converts — Moz

This article digs into the psychological underpinnings of how readers process information. You'll learn ways to make your content more memorable and how not to disenfranchise any audience members who struggle with legibility, however unintentional. 

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