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How to Find the Quality Salespeople You Need in an Employee's Market


As a manager, finding good salespeople is getting harder than ever. Why? Well, the good news is, it’s a product of low unemployment. According the the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, as of February 2016, the number of job openings equaled the number of people hired. There were 5.4 million people hired in the last year, the highest level since November of 2006. It’s an employee’s market, unlike during the recession, when it was an employers market. 

So the question is, how can you find the quality salespeople you need?

Think back to when you were selling, and treat recruitment like that. You're still prospecting, but instead of prospecting for business, your prospecting for people.

Master your elevator pitch. What was your elevator speech as an account executive? What is your elevator speech as an employer? What is your company's brand, your unique selling proposition, why would people want to come to work for you? 

Understand your ideal prospect. What did your ideal client look like when you were an account executive? What does your ideal employee look like as a manager? Define what talents are you're looking for. Define the job specifications for the position you have open.

Know where to find your prospects. Where did you find your best prospects as a seller? Where are your best prospects as an employer? Do you look outside of your business category and outside of your city?

Create a plan of approach. What did your plan of approach to a new prospect look like when you were selling? What does your plan of approach to a potential employee look like now that your managing? Do you connect on LinkedIn, send a hand written note, use email? And if so, what are you saying? Is it compelling enough for someone to respond to you?

When you treat recruiting the same way you did selling, you'll have a strategy that gets strong candidates into your talent bank and ready when you need them.

The Talent Bank Worksheet

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