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6 Ways to Provide Superior Customer Service After the Sale


Recently, I was preparing for a presentation about the retail industry. An interesting statistic about customer service jumped out at me. According to MediaPost, only 17% of consumers think manufacturers and retailers are extremely good at caring for their customers after a sale. This was a surprising figure to me. It’s tough to earn a repeat customer if you don’t follow through and offer superior customer service. This got me thinking about B2B sales and how the same basic principle applies.

Many times, salespeople spend so much time securing the business that once a deal is made, the thought is that the hard work is over. In my opinion, it’s only just begun. The post-sale is often just as important as the initial sale. By being accountable and executing a flawless program, we ensure the potential of more business down the road, the possibility of a long-term business partnership and hopefully referral business as well.  

Here are some ways to provide superior customer service once you’ve closed the sale: 

  • Understand the post-sale expectations that you and your client have agreed on.
  • Make sure that you follow through with what you promise.
  • Be alert for unanticipated issues and resolve them quickly.
  • Conduct an evaluation meeting at the appropriate time or appropriate intervals.
  • Be accessible and available when needed.
  • Continue to learn about their business as they change and grow. 

By looking ahead to what happens after the sale, you will solidify a plan that equals success. It’s these types of actions that will help you establish yourself as a trusted and valued partner and make a renewal that much easier to secure. Nurturing and developing an already existing client by executing a flawless program is the key to long term success. 

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