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8.5 Content Ideas That Will Help You Attract New Prospects

8.5_Content_Ideas_That_Will_Help_You_Attract_New_ProspectsIf you’re in the position of needing to attract new and better prospects to your business, then I want to let you in on a little secret. While you may have your sales team busy cold calling or your marketing team putting together outbound marketing initiatives – both which can be extremely useful and effective when done correctly– there is still a world of B2B decision makers that are not hearing, seeing, or noticing your message. 

So, where are they? They’re in the same place you are right this very second. They’re online… searching for information, seeking solutions to their problems, and researching options for their business. The question then is, are they finding you when they search online? Or are they finding your competitor? Does your company website have valuable content that represents your areas of expertise while delivering a thought-provoking and resource-rich experience? Or is it just an online brochure of the services you offer? 

While original, keyword-rich, and relevant content written for your best prospects is what every B2B company needs in order to compete in the online world of search and social media, it’s not always easy to come up with that all-important content on a regular basis. So, here is list of 8.5 content creation ideas that you can start working on today:

1. The List Post – Just like this post, take a list of 3, 5 or maybe 10 important points that solve a problem and add an introduction. Voila, you’ve got an easy to write and easy to read blog post that everyone loves!

2. Video Interview – Interview a thought leader in your industry or a past customer with a unique success story. You could easily use Skype, record the interview, and share it on your website and YouTube. It doesn’t have to be a fancy shmancy fully produced video as long as the content is genuinely interesting. 

3. Write a Book Review – Choose a great piece of nonfiction relevant to your customer and jot down a few paragraphs about what your biggest takeaways are and how it could be applied to their business. Pull some key points out and put them in bullet points, then link to the author’s website for more information. 

4. Answer a Customer’s Question – The single best source of inspiration for content is from the mouth of your customers. What are they asking you on a regular basis that you find yourself responding to in an email? Right there, that is your blog post. It’s probably already written in an email somewhere. Answer a hot question and you’re bound to capture an audience. 

5. Host a Webinar – There are plenty of inexpensive and even free tools out there that can be utilized to host a webinar and showcase your expertise in an area. Maybe it’s something technical your customers always get confused about, or maybe it’s just a PowerPoint you put together with some great stats and research worth sharing. Invite customers and prospects alike to sign up for the live webinar, then post the recorded version for later viewing on your website. 

6. Record a Reoccurring Podcast – Just like with the webinar, there are many easy ways to make this happen. Podcasts are a great option for people who don’t love to write but have a lot to say. Just remember to script out your plan so you don’t ramble on. Keep it short and sweet and to the point, and this will be the perfect type of content someone can consume on the go. 

7. Send Out a Newsletter – Create a custom newsletter that you send to clients, prospects, and/or blog subscribers. Share your newest content with them and provide something unique for subscribing, like a tip of the week or even a contest or giveaway that’s worth their while. 

8. Curate Other Great Content You Find – This one is my personal favorite because there is just so much great content on the Internet that can be shared with your audience. This is the kind of stuff that can be turned into a blog post by linking back to the source or just simply shared on your social media pages. It could be an Infographic you love, a research study jam-packed with information, or just a great blog post from an industry thought leader. 

8.5 Bonus Idea – The best idea is one you’re passionate about so try something new. If you like the format of something you’ve read, give it a shot. Don’t be afraid to produce content in fear that it’s not good enough or clever enough because in my experience most people know a lot more than they give themselves credit for, and by just finding something you’re excited to share – that enthusiasm will be contagious online. 

I hope you enjoyed this list and that you don’t hesitate one more minute in starting to create and distribute great content online. I personally believe it is the future of B2B marketing and one that can provide a wealth of benefits to your overall business, bottom line, employees, and customers. 

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