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Adopt a Slinky Style of Management to Drive Sales

slinky style of management

Have you played with a slinky recently? Probably not. But you remember how it moves down a staircase. Play that video in your head, and as you do that, think about how adopt a slinky style of sales management.

When a slinky moves down a staircase, it gets a rhythm going. It moves ahead (like when your sales people are learning and growing) and then part of the slinky rests while the rest of the slinky catches up. Then it moves again. 

When you manage your people, give them that first push to get them in motion (like you do with a slinky), then back up and allow them the freedom to learn and grow. Remember that they might get ahead of themselves at times, so look for ways to help them catch up so they can execute with excellence. If they stop moving for some reason, give them another push.  

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