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Digital Revenue Generator Increases Revenue and Digital Sales

digital revenueThe Center for Sales Strategy launched a new service called the Digital Revenue Generator that takes a different approach to helping companies build their digital revenue--a sequential approach combining training, coaching, and on-going support to help traditional media salespeople become more comfortable and effective selling digital. Matt Sunshine will run the Digital Division for The Center for Sales Strategy. As former Director of Digital for Susquehanna, and now Executive Vice President at The Center for Sales Strategy, he sees a large gulf between those who speak digital and those who speak analog.

The Digital Revenue Generator is designed to bridge that gap. Most of the time, sales training with regard to "Digital" is all about the product capability and the vocabulary words that people use.  With the  Digital Revenue Generator Sequence, we go much further...  we focus on using your digital capabilities to produce results for clients.  Salespeople come away with more confidence and expertise in how digital is a part of the marketing solution.

The Digital Revenue Generator Sequence includes:

The Certified Digital Marketing Professional distinction

The Digital Sales Accelerator workshop

Digital Pro Coaching

The Interactive Insight Monthly Webinar

Weekly Digital Edge email

Digital Sales Meeting kits

Case studies

If this sounds like something your company could benefit from contact Matt at mattsunshine@csscenter.com

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