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Are You Set Up to Recruit Top Talent?


I’m in the midst of touring colleges with my son. There are so many choices and great things about all the schools. There are the big SEC football schools, schools in college towns and big cities, large campuses and small. So how will he choose? Finding the right fit when you are a senior in high school seems like such a concrete and monstrous decision.

The same can be true when graduating from college and looking for a job. What do millennials look for when searching for their “perfect” job? Many articles have been written about what they are searching for—collaborative work environments, recognition, opportunities for growth, flexible hours and a purpose to name a few. How does your company stand out to this group?

What are you doing to market your company to them? The media industry gives reasons every day why advertisers should work with their stations. What reasons do they give potential employees? It is time to get creative in our approach to the next generation of salespeople.

Have you updated your web presence for the times? Does your website look exciting and fun? Do you have the motivators listed to grab their attention? Have you clearly identified your company culture? Think of the best ways to market your company to this group of future employees. 

Give millennials a clearer path to making decisions. Market to them like colleges do and have them chose you! This will help you build your talent bank and always keep that funnel flowing with great candidates.

The Talent Bank Worksheet

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