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Better Business Acumen in Just a Few Minutes Per Day (VIDEO)

We always talk to our salespeople about having better business acumen, and we teach them to speak like a business owner. This gives sellers leverage and credibility when talking with prospects and customers.

Growing up, my dad always told me that if you just read the front page of The Wall Street Journal, you'd be more informed than 95% of the business people out there that you'd be talking to.

Today, you don't have to read The Wall Street Journal. I recommend that you subscribe to the daily email, The Morning Brew.

This daily email is incredibly insightful and it gives you great information. It's a quick read, and honestly, it's a little humorous.

I highly recommend it! I read it everyday, and by 7:30am, I probably know more about what's going on in the business world than most of the people I'll talk to day in and day out.

So if you're looking for a quick way to better your business acumen, be sure you subscribe to The Morning Brew and check it out each day. Start reading it today!

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