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Integrated Marketing Solutions: Shiny & New vs. Tried & True

fireworksI make a habit of researching and evaluating all of the opportunities out there with respect to Internet and Digital marketing. If you do this too, then you can empathize when I say you can easily be overwhelmed with all the commentary, research and application you read from multiple experts in multiple fields.

While reading about what's on the horizon when it comes to selling digital advertising is exciting, I am also skeptical.

Following is what I consider the Shiny & New. It's what everyone's talking about, but I find myself asking the same compound question each time: what's in it for the consumer; what's in it for the marketer, and how will it be tracked?

Even in light of these unknown answers of many Shiny & New applications, trade publications have a field day with new research or content. For example, in November 2010 multiple trades published how marketers would be increasing revenues significantly in Social Media for the Holiday season.  By January, those same trades were publishing on how ineffective Facebook advertising is with plummeting eCPMs. But in April, major brands reportedly ponied up even more money on Facebook to engage consumers in new experiences such as winning a million bucks.

So in light of everything that's out there to help marketers make sound decisions for their brands, what can you do with the Shiny & New before it becomes Tried & True?  

I recommend not getting married to a specific application too quickly but rather stay focused on how you can address a client's marketing or sales need(s) using a high concept idea... that is the Tried & True. The Shiny & New can be used to interest a prospect and may help you get a foot in the door as part of a valid business reason, but your ultimate success will come from being able to help solve your client's need with what's Tried & True vs Shiny & New. 

Kim Willoughby is a Senior Consultant at The Center for Sales Strategy

Topics: Digital selling digital advertising