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Beth Sunshine

Beth Sunshine

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Improving Sales Performance: Are You THAT Kind of Coach?

Are you THAT kind of coach

Professional athletes have coaches.

Oscar-winning actors have coaches.

Pop icons have coaches.

Wait!? Even people who have been in the business for a long time? Why do they need coaches?

That’s easy! Top performers, whether they are professional athletes, Oscar-winning actors, pop icons, or sales professionals, are not content with just being good. They strive to maintain their edge, stay on top, and climb even higher.  

Their coaches, with their unique vantage point, can see what they can’t see themselves, making their perspective incredibly valuable. This investment in their talent is what sets them apart and propels them forward.

The same can be said for your direct reports.

Coaching leads to excellence.

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10 Ways to Increase B2B Sales Performance with Successful Feedback

10 Ways to Increase B2B Sales Performance with Successful Feedback

The feedback a sales manager provides can either propel a salesperson to new heights or stunt their growth.

Yet, too often, managers fail to give the right feedback at the right times, missing critical opportunities to develop their team's talents.

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Gamification in Hiring: 5 Creative Ways to Make Recruitment Fun and Engaging

Gamification in Hiring

Attracting the brightest minds and best talent has become a fierce competition for organizations across all industries. However, conventional recruitment methods often fail to captivate potential candidates, leaving them disengaged and unmotivated. It's time to shake things up and inject some excitement into the hiring process.

Enter gamification—the art of blending game-like elements into the recruitment experience. By incorporating interactive challenges, immersive simulations, and creative quests, organizations can pique the interest of top talent while making the journey of finding the perfect fit an exhilarating adventure.

Gamification transforms the once-dull task of recruitment into an engaging and enjoyable experience that resonates with today's candidates.

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6 Steps to Improve Your Employer Brand and Boost Recruitment

6 Steps to Improve Your Employer Brand and Boost Recruitment

In the travel industry, you want to be a “destination of choice,” meaning you are highly preferred or sought after by travelers for your attractions, amenities, and experiences. As an employer, you want the exact same thing.

But what does that mean for you? How can you be a destination of choice?

Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While one person might seek the rich history and cultural landmarks of London rather than the commercialization and street vendors of New York’s Times Square, another might be looking for a bustling, exciting experience and jump on a trip to New York. London and New York have very different brands.

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Remote Recruitment: Navigating the New Normal

Remote Recruitment

In the “old days” (5 years ago), hiring a new employee meant meeting them in person, shaking their hand, and conducting a live interview.

Today, that’s not always possible.

For many, remote and hybrid models are becoming the norm, which means leaders must adapt their recruitment strategies to meet the unique challenges and opportunities these environments present.

Here’s how leaders can fine-tune their approach to attract and assess top talent effectively.

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Help! My Top Performer Just Quit!

Help! My Top Performer Just Quit!

Have you ever felt like being a manager is a lot like juggling? And right when you think you’ve got all the balls in the air… whoops!

When it’s the sudden departure of a top performer, it can make you literally drop everything!  

So, what can you do?

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Reimaging Leadership in a Hybrid World

Reimaging Leadership in a Hybrid World

How we work and live has changed in unprecedented ways over the last few years. We have experienced both the benefits and the challenges of remote, hybrid, and return-to-office work models, and most have strong opinions and preferences on the subject.

Topics: hybrid work

Talent Pipeline: Sales Manager’s Approach to Proactive Recruitment

Sales Manager’s Approach to Proactive Recruitment

You know the feeling… a position on your team suddenly comes open and catches you off guard without any promising candidates in sight. You stir up a tornado of job postings, resume reviews, and hopeful prayers that the perfect candidate will miraculously appear… and you feel completely overwhelmed.

Here’s the good news. You can change this!

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Selection: 5 Data-Backed Facts You Should Know

Selection 5 Data-Backed Facts You Should Know

Strong selection is about identifying an individual whose talents, skills, and experiences best align with what leads to excellence in your job role.

Much like looking for a round peg to go in a round hole, great hiring begins by examining the open position and considering which candidate is the best match for the company, the team, and the open position.

Hiring is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in a leadership position because, with the right people, you can do almost anything!  And with the wrong people… well, you know.  The fact is when you put the right people in the right roles, they thrive, and the organization grows.   

As Peter Ducker said, "If I have put a person in a job and he or she does not perform, I have made a mistake. I have no business blaming that person, no business complaining. I have made a mistake."

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Recruitment: 10 Data-Backed Facts You Should Know

Recruitment 10 Data-Backed Facts You Should Know (1)

Finding and hiring top talent is one of the most important tasks for any organization.

With the job market more competitive than ever, it's crucial that organizations stay on top of the latest trends and data to build an effective hiring strategy.

In this post, we'll highlight 10 data-backed facts and statistics that every recruiter should know in 2023 and moving forward. From the power of employer branding to the priorities of Gen Z, these insights will help you attract, engage, and hire the best candidates for open roles.

We'll also look at data on job seeker frustrations, how to improve candidate experience, retention risk factors, and more. Whether you're looking to fill one opening or overhaul your entire recruiting process, this information will ensure you have the right approach backed by data.

Use these key learnings to make more informed decisions, stand out in the talent marketplace and build a high-performing workforce.

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