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Beth Sunshine

Beth Sunshine

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Help! My Top Performer Just Quit!

Help! My Top Performer Just Quit!

Have you ever felt like being a manager is a lot like juggling? And right when you think you’ve got all the balls in the air… whoops!

When it’s the sudden departure of a top performer, it can make you literally drop everything!  

So, what can you do?

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Reimaging Leadership in a Hybrid World

Reimaging Leadership in a Hybrid World

How we work and live has changed in unprecedented ways over the last few years. We have experienced both the benefits and the challenges of remote, hybrid, and return-to-office work models, and most have strong opinions and preferences on the subject.

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Talent Pipeline: Sales Manager’s Approach to Proactive Recruitment

Sales Manager’s Approach to Proactive Recruitment

You know the feeling… a position on your team suddenly comes open and catches you off guard without any promising candidates in sight. You stir up a tornado of job postings, resume reviews, and hopeful prayers that the perfect candidate will miraculously appear… and you feel completely overwhelmed.

Here’s the good news. You can change this!

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Selection: 5 Data-Backed Facts You Should Know

Selection 5 Data-Backed Facts You Should Know

Strong selection is about identifying an individual whose talents, skills, and experiences best align with what leads to excellence in your job role.

Much like looking for a round peg to go in a round hole, great hiring begins by examining the open position and considering which candidate is the best match for the company, the team, and the open position.

Hiring is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in a leadership position because, with the right people, you can do almost anything!  And with the wrong people… well, you know.  The fact is when you put the right people in the right roles, they thrive, and the organization grows.   

As Peter Ducker said, "If I have put a person in a job and he or she does not perform, I have made a mistake. I have no business blaming that person, no business complaining. I have made a mistake."

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Recruitment: 10 Data-Backed Facts You Should Know

Recruitment 10 Data-Backed Facts You Should Know (1)

Finding and hiring top talent is one of the most important tasks for any organization.

With the job market more competitive than ever, it's crucial that organizations stay on top of the latest trends and data to build an effective hiring strategy.

In this post, we'll highlight 10 data-backed facts and statistics that every recruiter should know in 2023 and moving forward. From the power of employer branding to the priorities of Gen Z, these insights will help you attract, engage, and hire the best candidates for open roles.

We'll also look at data on job seeker frustrations, how to improve candidate experience, retention risk factors, and more. Whether you're looking to fill one opening or overhaul your entire recruiting process, this information will ensure you have the right approach backed by data.

Use these key learnings to make more informed decisions, stand out in the talent marketplace and build a high-performing workforce.

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How to Help Sales Leaders Improve Performance

How to Help Sales Leaders Improve Performance (1)

Sales leadership plays a crucial role in the success of any organization's sales efforts. As the driving force behind a sales team, sales leaders are responsible for setting targets, providing guidance, and motivating their team members to achieve their goals.

However, even the most skilled sales leaders can face challenges when it comes to improving performance and driving results.

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How To Unlock The Full Potential of Your Team

How to Help Sales Leaders Improve Performance

Sales management is tough. On top of the economic uncertainties and dynamic changes in the market they need to deal with, sales leaders must also grapple with people issues like employee turnover, waning engagement, and time pressures that get in the way of onboarding, training, and coaching.

When sales leaders are especially time-starved and overwhelmed, I often share something I once heard Naval Ravikant (investor and entrepreneur) say that stayed with me. He said, “Don’t let the complexity of the world distract you from the simplicity of your goals.”

When managers focus on their goals and the strategies designed to achieve them, it can clear away the clutter in a powerful way!

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Can Sales Ability Really Be Taught?

 Can Sales Ability Really Be Taught

Ask any top seller who has been around for a while, and they’ll tell you that most people are not born and built for sales. It’s a tough field, and it requires a very specific set of talents.

Think of your talents as your hardwiring.

Your innate thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are set at a very young age, and once they are hard-wired, your knee-jerk responses remain pretty consistent over time. If you were highly competitive as a kid, you’re probably still highly competitive.

In other words, if you couldn’t resist rising to a challenge on the playground (“I bet you can’t jump high enough to touch the top of the fence”), you are probably just as likely to do the same today (“I bet you can’t increase your new business development by 10% this year.”)

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5 Ways To Recruit More Superstars

5 Ways To Recruit More Superstars

The economic downturn we are experiencing has led to increased competition and a greater need for effective recruitment. As a result, finding and hiring the best talent has become a top priority for many organizations, and it is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future.

Even companies that have traditionally received a steady flow of job applications may struggle to attract top talent in the current climate. To ensure success in your recruitment efforts, it is essential to master the basics. Here are five strategies you can use to improve your chances of attracting top talent.

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Unique Ways to Create a Strong Candidate Experience

How to Listen for Talent When Youre Interviewing Salespeople-1

Recruiting top talent is tough… and it’s getting more challenging every day!

Want to know how to up your game?

Create a top-notch candidate experience.

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