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5 Elements of a Quality Sales Organization

numbersToo many people focus on quantity. You've heard this: It's a numbers game. Give me more, more, more! This seems to be the rallying cry of most leaders these days. As more organizations become seduced by the concept of quantity, many have walked away from the concept of quality.

I'm a big fan of quality. One does not exist without the other. Quality leads to quantity in just about everything in the business world (and life). If you want to improve sales performance in your organization, here are five areas that should have a foundation of quality: 

1. Talent. Winning organizations employ talented people.

2. Process. The best organizations have sound and efficient processes for every part of their organization (recruitment, selection, sales, production, distribution, finance).

3. Problem solving. Problems occur in all organizations. The way the problems are solved separates the best from the rest. Also, the best organizations understand that improvement is an ongoing process.

4. Mission. Organizations can't win unless they have a destination in sight and focus on a method to get there.

5. Compensation. People do what they get paid to do. This does not mean over pay. Some of the best companies pay less than their also-ran competitors. The difference is in the clarity and focus of compensation tied to the desired behaviors, not in the amount people are paid.

How does your organization stack up compared to this list? Do you work in a quantity environment or quality environment? Share your thoughts in the comments, or connect with me at kurtsima@csscenter.com

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Kurt Sima is a VP/Senior Consultant at The Center for Sales Strategy


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