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How to Build a Winning Team for your Sales Organization

steelersIf you'd like to build a winning sales team, take a look at the Pittsburgh Steelers. As a Cleveland Brown's fan, this breaks my heart to admit this fact; however, one look at the bottom line (wins) tells the story. Here are 5 things that you could do to build a winning sales tradition like the Steelers:

1.  Have a mission, and accomplish it more often than the competition.

2.  Focus on talent. Always recruit and select only the best. 

3.  Boot the people that do not share your vision (even if they are talented). Difficult to swallow, perhaps. But, best for the organization in the long run.

4.  Maintain consistent leadership. FYI, the Steelers have had one owner forever, and only three coaches since the 1960's.

5.  Don't panic when things get a bit rocky. Have a plan that is aligned to accomplish the mission.

How does your organization look in comparison to this list? Are you more like the Steelers or more like the Browns?

We have developed a diagnostic tool—an instrument designed to make you think about how you are doing in each of these areas. If you take a few minutes to complete this, it will help you identify a few areas that could use some attention now—helping you achieve greater performance in the future.


Kurt Sima is a VP / Senior Consultant at The Center for Sales Strategy. 

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