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Which Republican Presidential Candidate is Standing Out—in a Good Way? [Sales Strategy]

Establish sales credibilityIf you are planning to vote in the Republican Presidential primary in the coming months, you are a potential prospect for Newt, Romney and all the gang. I got to thinking about how similar this is to what we go through as sales people when we try to get that first appointment with an ideal prospect. It takes a combination of getting attention and establishing credibility. If you can do those two things, you are generally going to stand out enough to get an appointment. If you only do one, you will not sell the prospect on the value of spending time with you. 

I, like most of you, have been on the selling side of this equation for years, but it’s interesting what we can learn from being on the buying side (which I am when it comes to selecting the Republican nominee). I will be voting in this upcoming primary, and I have not decided who I am going to vote for yet. I like things about all these candidates—I really do, and I am taking this process very seriously. I don’t consider myself one of those Obama haters, but I have decided he simply lacks the experience to lead during the crazy times we are in.

At this stage of the game, Mitt, Rick Santorum and ah… what’s his name (Jon Huntsman) have not done enough to get my attention (seriously, I had to Google Huntsman’s first name). They all have some measure of credibility in my mind, but they aren’t getting my attention. Newt, Rick Perry, Ron Paul and Michelle Bachman have all been able to do a better job of getting my attention, but in too many cases, they have not built credibility—in fact, often they have weakened their credibility while doing something to get attention. 

So, I’m left undecided for now. Don’t leave your prospects undecided when it comes to granting you that first appointment!

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John Henley is Chief Operating Officer at The Center for Sales Strategy.

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