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Digital Advertising Haiku: Understanding Digital Terms in 17 Syllables

Digital What and WhyYou know that feeling you have on your child’s birthday… that feeling you get when you are in a panic, trying to understand the instructions that will help you assemble The Perfect Gift? That Perfect Gift that came in 100 pieces? The one your child is no longer patiently waiting to play with? You know that feeling you get when you want to throw the box against the wall and crumble up the instructions because nothing makes sense? I think that is sometimes how we approach digital and social capabilities.

We take something simple and make it seem like a big, scary concept. At The Center for Sales Strategy, we believe one reason digital is not understood and used as effectively as it could be by both marketers and sellers is because somewhere along the way, someone said it was difficult or confusing.

To show you how simple digital advertising terms can be, I’ve stripped away the long definitions. Today, you will learn about digital in Haiku form. For those of you who don’t remember what a Haiku is, it’s a type of Japanese poetry written in three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables each.

Ad Impressions

Ad shown to user

An impression is counted

Successfully served


Campaign elements

Banners, peels, video, more

Producing results

Direct Response

Consumer response

Quantifiable action

Agree on metrics



Blog, contest, info request, games

User involvement

Google Analytics

A free tracking tool

Measures site interaction

And online actions

Unique Visitors


Visitors to a website

Tracked using cookies


Browser stores text file

Which identifies browser

Tracks surfer actions

Of course, at The Center for Sales Strategy, we have a lot of digital advertising resources, and can provide you with much longer definitions for these terms and many more. Our new Digital What & Why course teaches the definitions for some of the most important digital terms… as well as WHY these terms are important. 

To see sample videos, view the course outline, or to enroll, follow this link.

Share your best digital Haiku in the comments below! It's a great way to study the terms and practice giving succinct definitions!

Kim Peek is the Blog Boss at The Center for Sales Strategy


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