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The Center for Sales Strategy Blog

Less Rocket Science. More Rocket Fuel.

sales strategyWe live in an age that seems to encourage complexity. You can slice and dice research six ways from Sunday to build a compelling argument as to why your product or service is better than the other guys’.  Spreadsheets, pie charts and white papers are only a few keystrokes away… and illustrate why the competition is inferior to the company you represent. 

The problem:  Many of your competitors are approaching life that way.

The effect:  Your prospect is drowning in digits.

If you bring those same resources to bear—but focused on the client’s problem, rather than yours—two things happen. First, you are collaborating, rather than selling. Second, you are distinguishing yourself from the confusing competition.

Is your presentation so complex that it looks like rocket science? Or so customer-focused that it represents fuel for the solution your client seeks?

Share an example of customer focused selling in the comments below.

Mike Anderson is VP Consumer Insights and Communication at The Center for Sales Strategy.

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