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Reason #1 You Need to Jump on the Inbound Marketing Bandwagon

inbound marketing

There are a lot of reasons you should embrace the world of inbound marketing, but the simple truth is... people need answers. With the internet at our fingertips... literally in our hands via smart phones as all times... the answer to most questions is just a click away.

You can learn how to make the perfect hard boiled egg with a simple search.

Want to know who was the Captain of the Mayflower? Here you go.

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The point is... people want immediate answers. They want to research products, services and experiences on their own time. And in today's age, that means when they think of it... on the weekend... and when they are at lunch, at the gym or out with friends. Do you want to answer your phone at 3 a.m.? Unless you are the on call doctor, your prospects don't expect you to. But, they still want answers.

This means it's more important than ever to have a web presence so they can go directly to your website... if you are the recognized thought leader in a category, and they know you are the go-to source. It's also important for your business to rank near the top when it comes to keywords your best prospects type into a search engine.

To get found, you need high-quality content that answers the types of questions your best prospects are asking. And the amazing thing about the content you create for your company blog—it works to drive potential customers to your business... even when you are enjoying a well-deserved day off.

Learn to think like your customers. What kinds of problems do they have when they come to you? What answers are they seeking when they search online? What phrases do you see on analytics reports when you look at how people arrived at your site? Write with these things in mind, and you will be known as the person or organization with the answers. Incorporate calls to action and you will also have a way to follow up with the inquisitive people who arrived at your site seeking solutions to their business problems.

And, if you're wondering about how to get started with inbound marketing, well... you can find the answer to that right here in our Internet Marketing eBook.

Kim Peek is the Blog Boss at The Center for Sales Strategy.


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