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Kim Peek

Kim Peek

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Help Me Santa! 10 Things I Want to Improve My Sales Performance!

10 Things Every Salesperson Wishes Santa Would Bring
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Attack of the Zombies—Cyber Monday

inbound marketingI woke up this morning, dreading the 525,600 Cyber Monday emails I would have to sift through to get down to real business today. It was worse than just Cyber Monday email—since I was out of town for Thanksgiving, I hadn't touched a computer since Wednesday afternoon... which meant I also had all the pre-Thanksgiving, early bird and Black Friday notices filling up my inbox.

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Three Big Social Media Stories and How They Affect Your Content Marketing

inbound marketingThis was a big week for social media changes. Here are three stories we think you need to be aware of... and why you should care!

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Happy Halloween! 3 Halloween Treats for YOU!

sales strategyHappy Halloween! We hope you are having a spook-tacular day! Since we can't visit all your offices for Tricks and Treats, we thought we'd share a few Halloween-themed blog posts we love.

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Reputation management is not "completely wrong"

All day long, my friends have posted Facebook status updates like this, "Go to Google. Click on Images. Type 'completely wrong' and see what images appear." What shows up is a collection of photos of Mitt Romney.*

completely wrong
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Reason #1 You Need to Jump on the Inbound Marketing Bandwagon

inbound marketing

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We've Been Busy! Did You Hear About Our New...

sales successWe've been busy with summer vacations, back to school shopping, moving kids into dorms and posting adorable first day of school pictures of the munchkins on Facebook. We bet you've been busy too! That's why we wanted to send out a quick post to make sure you didn't miss some of this great content from The Center for Sales Strategy during this hectic time of year:

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