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The Hit That Knocks You Out

sales processImagine if a Pro Football QB had their most effective off season of their career from a training and conditioning standpoint, but wore no equipment in the first game of the season. It would take one hit, and they could be out for the season!

This is what happens when a salesperson participates in all the right training to learn everything they need to know about their product... and then in their first call with a prospect, they don’t open the call well. The entire conversation can go in the wrong direction very quickly, and it’s hard to recover (like taking a big hit with no equipment on).

Opening that first call well, includes a number of things that we talk about in the rapport phase of our Hourglass Needs Analysis. One of the key things is drawing the prospect in by talking about your process (the way you do business), so when it’s time to talk about product, you can do it in the context of the assignment they are eager for you to work on. You will improve your sales performance when you open the call by establishing rapport and credibility. Product training is important, but it won’t count for anything if process is ignored.

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