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An Approach Less Ordinary to Improve Your Sales Performance!

An approach less ordinaryIs your telephone approach to new prospects sounding a little “ordinary” these days? The purpose of your call may be to “find out more about the prospect's current needs,” but the prospect has heard it all before. 

The business world is rife with pretenders out there who use the “find out about your needs” approach as a thinly-veiled attempt to trick the prospect into buying their latest package. 

Why not make it abundantly clear -- up front, or in advance of your first call -- that you have a genuine interest in their business and have already invested some time and effort preparing for this appointment? 

For example, you could:

  • Demonstrate your knowledge of a local issue or trend that could affect their business in a big way.
  • Make reference to specific information about their business or industry you have discovered in your research.
  • Let them know you’ve already been thinking about their business and several ways to tailor some ideas for them, but are to the point where you need more specific information that can come only from them.
  • Share some important observations you made on a visit to one of their locations.

Remember, the less ordinary your approach, the more likely you are to get an appointment.


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