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Improving Sales Performance: Requests Usually Mask True Needs

Requests for Service Usually Mask True NeedsSometimes you’ll find that, instead of expressing a real need, your prospect asks for some service or other that she thinks you provide as a matter of course. For example, she might say something like, “I really need more creative ways to increase foot traffic during the week.”

Requests for service are fine, of course, but not as a substitute for uncovering a true need.

Dig deeper, with questions such as:

  • tell me more about the specific days of the week. 

  • are there specific days that have more traffic than others? 

  • are there new products or services you are offering that would require someone to come into your business to learn more?

  • what, precisely will you be expecting to achieve when there is more traffic in your location?

A request for service such as “more traffic” is usually motivated by a business owner's formed impression about what they think you can provide. Change that impression by uncovering the underlying needs, and then use your skills to meet the REAL challenges to improve your sales performace.


Improve your sales performance while driving to your next appointment!


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