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The New Year's Resolution You Forgot to Make

Improve Your Sales Performance!As we move into a new year, great sales leaders in every industry and every country will develop a new or somewhat revised strategy for the challenges and opportunities they see before them.

It's right to do this, and changes to your structure, process, compensation or other strategic moves can make a big difference in your performance. However, another important step to take is to raise the bar on the overall performance you will accept from each person on the team.   

Your standards are defined by the lowest level of performance you accept.

I know it's a little more complicated and nuanced than to just fire your three weakest performers of 2012, and hire three new people. Life is rarely that simple.

However, one clear action step you can take is to analyze the performance of your bottom three from 2012, and set a strategy to help them improve or start looking for their replacement.

You can build a plan in a few minutes by using a tool we have developed for this purpose. Going through the process will help you discover if there is something you have been missing that could help the salesperson, or if it's time to move on. It's called "Analyzing Poor Performance."

It's not too late to make this New Year’s Resolution — to analyze poor performance and rat it out!


Click here to download a copy right now.



John Henley is the Chief Operating Officer at The Center for Sales Strategy


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