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Three Free Resources to Sharpen your Digital Sales Strategy

Sharpen your digital sales strategyOne comment heard often is there is so much to know in digital and it changes all the time… how to keep up with everything? That got me thinking about some of the free resources available to aide in the quest to know more about digital and improve your digital sales strategy.

Here are three great resources that you might not know or have forgotten that are worth bookmarking:

1.     Think with Google – this is a great site that offers information on the latest consumer trends, research studies, creative suggestions and digital statistics that matter to marketers.  Whether you sell digital solutions or use digital solutions to market your business, there is a wealth of information available on this website.  

A snapshot of what you will find on Think with Google will include a Research Library that contains studies, videos and infographics that cover topics like What Users Want Most from Mobile Sites Today to Organic Search Results and their Impact on Paid Search Ads. The Facts & Stats section provides numbers and metrics that you can use to demonstrate the power of digital, whether you sell digital solutions or are thinking about which digital solutions would best help you achieve your marketing goals.  

2.     The HubSpot Marketing Grader – this easy to use tool will provide you with a detailed report on any website and associated marketing you enter into the tool. It will offer insight into your current online marketing efforts – what you are doing right and what you could be doing better. As a marketer, this can provide excellent insight into how you can improve your website, as a seller of digital solutions you can use this site to demonstrate expertise and give suggestions on how you can help your clients improve their website.

3.     Go Mo this is the year that forecasters predict more users will access the Internet using their mobile devices than those who access via PC. Use this resource to learn about how consumers use their mobile devices, what consumers expect from a mobile experience, best practices and more. This site even gives businesses the opportunity to see what their site looks like on a mobile device, gives recommendations on how to improve their site and will even create a mobile site for them free of charge – at least for the first year.

These are all great resources to learn more about the world of digital.

What are some of your favorite resources?


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Alina Diaz is a Senior Consultant at The Center for Sales Strategy 

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