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Digital Marketing: Don't Forget Mobile in Your Integrated Campaign

digital marketingBuilding an effective marketing strategy has always been important and sometimes daunting task for businesses and it isn't getting any easier! If you've spent any time reading this blog, you know that developing integrated campaigns is key and new studies show how vital mobile has become to these solutions. As a business owner/CMO/part of a marketing department; having a good understanding of this can be vital to your upcoming marketing successes.

Studies done over the last year by Nielsen, Google, comScore and other trend leaders all cite an increased usage in Smartphone Internet browsing, as well as App usage in categories that include News & Information, Entertainment, and Shopping. It's important to highlight that a good percentage of this activity is also done while consumers are Media Snacking! 

The Center For Sales Strategy's definition of Media Snacking is the defragmentation of any one media's ability to reach a consumer, with a high enough level of frequency to activate a desired action. Therefore, multiple media and/or cross platform capabilities should be considered as part of an overall marketing solution.


If you don't recognize and adapt to this continuous change in consumer behavior you are doing a disservice to your business.

One study published by Google last year notes the following percentages in Smartphone Internet usage while consuming other media:

  • 44% listen to music
  • 33% watch TV
  • 29% use the Internet, presumably on another device
  • 22% read the newspaper/magazine

If you think of your own Smartphone usage, as a consumer, you may find your usage patterns are similar.  

But beware… you need to look beyond adding mobile to an Integrated Solution as a mere "cherry on top," approach and look at how you're incorporating messaging, response paths and creative into the overall strategy. When thinking of activation, also consider how consumers are using various mobile devices, like Smartphone vs Tablet, and the different opportunities each device lends to presents.


Check out our Integrated Campaign Infographic PDF for an easy way to look at how you can use multiple media in any campaign and help minimize the effects of Media Snacking and increase results for your business.



Kim Willoughby is a Senior Consultant for The Center for Sales Strategy

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