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When Getting an Appointment Can Actually Hurt Your Sales Strategy

sales strategy?So, you have an appointment with a new prospect. That’s good. Is it clear to the prospect what you’ll be talking about, or did you sort of leave a few important details out just to get your foot in the door?  After all, once they spend a little time with you, they’ll be charmed with you, right?

Just getting in front of the client isn’t enough for a sales strategy. In fact, it could actually be harmful, if you have failed to discuss and align expectations about some basic issues.  

  • What specifically is the purpose of the meeting?  
  • Is that purpose valid from the client’s point of view?  
  • How will you go about accomplishing that purpose?  
  • How long will the meeting be?  
  • How important is it to have no interruptions?  
  • Have you asked the client about their expectations for the meeting?

If these and other issues end up as surprises for your client, your client may have a few surprises for you.  


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