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Can Package Selling be Customer Focused?

sales strategyPackage selling is not necessarily for product peddlers only. You CAN sell a package without losing focus on the customer and her unique needs.

If you are constantly up-to-date on the needs, problems, and opportunities facing each of your customers, you’ll know who to approach with each package. By knowing your customers and their needs, you can ensure that the sale can be profitable for both the customer and your company.  

Instead of leading with a package, back into the package with a logical progression that looks like this: 



The more flexible the package you are selling, the wider the variety of solutions it will accommodate and the prospects it will likely satisfy. 

When packages need to be sold, don’t become a common product peddler; rather, use your empathy, expertise and problem-solving skills to be customer focused.

If you’re a sales manager: 

First, look at the packages you have designed. Is the design flexible enough to accommodate many different types of solutions based on different clients’ needs? 

Secondly, why not use the logical progression above to help your people plan how to sell those packages?  


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