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The Ultimate Sales Strategy Weapon to Combat the Competition

Sales StrategyWe are all in search of the ultimate sales strategy weapon we can employ to deal with the challenges of price and product competition. And, at last, we may have actually uncovered it.

The good news is it’s basically a simple device. It’s easy to use, inexpensive, and readily available. It might even be handier than your favorite App.

What is that sought-after “magic bullet” to provide you with an unfair advantage in the marketplace? Why, it’s a mirror of course.

What you see in the mirror is what your clients see when they look at you.

So, what do they see? Someone who provides them access to a product or service? Someone they like who takes care of their service needs? Or, someone that always asks probing questions, understands a great deal about their business, and is constantly searching for bright ideas that could be the foundation of a tailored solution?

What do YOU see in the mirror? 


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