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What Every Media Company Needs to Know About Inbound Marketing

inbound marketingThose of us that work in or around the media industry know that radio, TV, and newspaper are far from becoming dead advertising vehicles. Instead, the best and most innovative media companies have learned that it’s about evolving and finding new ways to not only get the attention of readers, viewers, and listeners but to uncover new methods of attracting and retaining advertisers as well. 

Many factors play into why traditional media companies need to adapt in order to accommodate their audience and advertisers. These challenges in today’s market were covered thoroughly by our inbound marketing software partner, HubSpot, on their blog this week. This is a topic we here at The Center for Sales Strategy have spent a lot of time discussing and researching, because we have a high stake in the success of our many media clients, as we see day in and day out their desire to innovate and grow is more present than ever. 

We agree that some of the biggest challenges media companies face today include:

1. Lack of Warm Leads for Sales
2. No Differentiation From Other Media Companies
3. The Need to Increase Audience Engagement
4. Determining How to Replace Lost Revenue Streams

As you’ll read in the HubSpot article, Why Media Companies Are Struggling (And How Inbound Can Help), the challenges that media companies face (and most B2B companies as well) can in many cases be remedied with an aggressive inbound marketing program that focuses on content distribution, establishing thought leadership, and online B2B lead generation. 

Being in the business of attracting a target audience for the purpose of consuming targeted content isn’t anything new to the media world; it’s just the way it’s being approached that needs to be reevaluated and expanded upon.

And our very own Executive Vice President, Matt Sunshine, speaks about this both in the referenced HubSpot post and a recently published article in Radio Ink. At the end of the day it comes down to the fact that media salespeople struggle now more than ever to secure quality appointments. Media salespeople excel when presented with the opportunity to sit down with a warm lead, uncover needs, and develop customized solutions. Typically, they do not specialize in finding quality prospects and securing that first appointment. Plus, we all know that the days of effectively using cold calling as your primary means of attracting new prospects are over. 

Whether you work in media or another area of B2B sales, you’ll find valuable information in this HubSpot blog post on how the way we all generate and identify leads needs to change, and we highly suggest you check it out! 

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