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When Setting Appointments are You Seen as Trusted and Valued?

What’s Your Reason  I was recently reminded that DISCIPLINE is “choosing between what you want now and what you want most” and that those who consistently achieve performance excellence, regardless of field, understand what they want most. 

I’ve worked with a number of salespeople over the years… some who were brand new to b2b sales and many with years of experience… and I noticed a common opportunity for many of them: 

They needed a stronger valid business reason when asking for the appointment. They all worked hard to get the prospect to call them back and, in most cases, the salesperson had a great reason for choosing to call on the client.  


Where they fell short in setting appointments was taking the time to develop the reason from the client’s perspective. The result was the valid business reason was not effectively communicated.

When it came time to ask for the appointment, I heard statements such as:

“I’d like to come by and tell you some of the new things happening at my company and share some exciting research about us with you!”

“I’ll be in your area next week and I’d like to meet with you!”

“I’d like to come by and talk to you about the change you’re experiencing with your new location.”

“Our company has recently decided to target your industry.”

“I have the perfect idea for you.”

If you were the client how would you respond?

Do these statements communicate that the salesperson can be trusted and valued and not waste your time?

There are 4 simple questions you can start asking today to help you develop a strong valid business reason. Does it:

1. Provide a reason why they should move you up on their priority list?

2. Make clear why they should want to meet with you, or does it center more around why you want to meet with them?

3. Relate to needs they likely have?

4. Show your empathy, expertise, or problem solving?

Yes, developing a strong valid business reason can take extra time but it is time well spent and, just like anything else, gets easier with discipline and practice.

By starting this discipline today you and your clients won’t miss out on a potential profitable partnership… which is what you want most!

Become trusted and valued by uncovering your client's and prospect's true needs!


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