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A Sales Strategy to Be Persistent without Appearing Desperate!

5 ways to be persistent without appearing desperateI was in a department store looking at big screen TVs and the sales representative approached me and asked if he could help me with something. I told him I was just browsing (but I was really interested in buying).

So in a couple of minutes, the salesperson worked his way back to me and kept persisting on why this is the best retailer to buy from, and he tried to dazzle me about his knowledge of flat screen TVs. At that point, I was confused and started to feel pressure to make a decision. I decided to leave.

I went to another store and again the salesman approached me and asked me if he could help me. He also approached me later. Only this time, he tried to build some rapport and asked me about why I was looking for a flat screen TV, what was important to me, what was the size of my room, and where I would be installing the TV. He really made me feel part of the process and got me engaged. After we had our conversation, he respectfully mentioned some ideas and walked away.

I started to think about our conversation and had some additional questions I wanted to ask him. I actually felt comfortable approaching him, I trusted that he was not just trying to sell me something and I felt he wanted to make sure that I was comfortable in my decision to buy. And I did!

Salespeople can be under pressure to make quotas and revenue, and sometimes they can project this pressure to a prospect. A prospect can see this.

Below are ways to be persistent without appearing desperate:

  1. Introduce yourself and your company
  2. Ask questions first, listen!
  3. Respectfully mention some ideas
  4. Give the prospect some time or room to breathe and think but,
  5. Be approachable
  6. Follow-up with interesting news and information

There is a good chance the prospect will approach you to buy or if he doesn’t buy today, he will always check back with you in the future, because he trusts you and your sales strategy.

Our Don’t Give Up process is an appointment-setting process that provides value to a prospect over of a period of time by using valid business reasons for appointments, research, articles and success stories to begin to build a relationship based on trust and credibility.

Download our Don’t Give Up plan to help get you from initial contact to the successful first call!


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