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3 Sales Coaching Steps to Recruit Quality vs. Quantity

Three Sales Coaching Steps to Recruit Quality vs. Quantity

Finding and attracting top sales talent is a perpetual challenge for sales managers. With countless responsibilities already overflowing your plate, dedicating time to recruiting often falls by the wayside. However, taking a strategic approach to recruiting through inbound marketing techniques can attract qualified, eager candidates, so you spend time interviewing the right people.

Inbound marketing is proven to generate sales leads, and these same principles can be applied to enhance your employer brand and recruiting efforts. By developing engaging content and social media profiles, you position yourself as a manager invested in the success of your team.

Let's dive into how to get started with an inbound strategy to recruit the sales talent you want on your team.

Attracting highly talented, qualified, and eager sales candidates is a challenge many sales managers still face. With all the additional responsibilities added to your to-do list, time has become scarcer.

So, how do you position yourself in such a way that allows you to spend more time with the right candidates? We recommend adding inbound marketing to your recruiting strategy. 

Inbound marketing is a great lead generation strategy for sales, so why not apply the principles of lead generation to your recruiting efforts?

5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Recruitment Process and Attract Top Talent

3 Ways To Use Inbound Marketing to Help Recruit Talent

Here are three tactics you can start to use now to develop your online brand as a sales manager that can later be used to help support an overall inbound marketing strategy:

1. Beef Up Your LinkedIn Profile

Top talent seeks out managers and organizations committed to helping their employees succeed. Your LinkedIn profile is a great place to illustrate what makes working for you and your company better than other organizations.

To start, your headline needs to reflect that you are a coach and developer of top talent. Your summary should also include all the things that make you a great manager with a great company. To help support your claims, ask current salespeople who work for you to write recommendations about why it's great to work for you and the company you represent.

2. Tweet About How You Manage

Connect your LinkedIn profile with a Twitter handle and share articles and blog posts on management strategies you believe in.

LinkedIn, along with other trades, offers lots of great strategies and tactics to create great work environments, nurture great talent, and support professional growth.

3. Develop a Landing Page for Recruitment

Many organizations have information online to recruit, but rarely do these landing pages offer compelling content about why you are a great manager or employer.

Consider adding an introductory video or images to your landing page, showcasing what's great about you and/or your company. You could also write a blog directed to potential candidates that highlights great management strategies, successes in your industry, or successes within your company.

Link to your Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook if your company has a presence there, too.


Job seekers, whether active or passive, utilize digital more and more as they network for growth.

Now is the time to start building on your online brand as a manager and great employer. Use the three tactics above and go beyond reviewing resumes sent to your inbox and sell yourself as a great manager to work for.

Inbound marketing is a strategy, so recruiting via inbound marketing should be, too; don't overlook the bigger picture.

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published August 20, 2013 and has been updated.

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