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Preparing for High Tide Will Help Your Leadership Development

Look Out for High TideIf you have had the pleasure of visiting an ocean this summer, you were likely reminded of the difference between high and low tide. I was on the Washington coast and saw some incredible sea logs that drifted up on shore. As I was marveling at the size of the logs, I was thinking that I am glad I wasn’t hanging around on shore when high tide brought one of those logs crashing in.  It seems to me, they are more fun to look at when they are not coming at you!

High Tide = Competition for Top Talent

If you are a manager, you need to pay attention to the high tide coming in with the many new sales jobs that are opening up. More jobs opening up, means more competition for top talent—top talent drives performance. You see the problem coming.

In a recent survey posted in the USA Today (link), it was reported that in June of this year, the number of sales jobs jumped 445,000 to a four-year high. Thirty-five percent of sales managers said they couldn’t find applicants for open sales jobs, up from 24% in 2010. So if you haven’t hired in several months, don’t be surprised by the high tide coming in for sales employment. It will have an effect on your search.

What You Can Do Now

Often when we blog, we suggest, three steps or five actions, or ten keys. Not this time. I have one suggestion and one suggestion only for your leadership development: Get busy now recruiting, so you can make better selections in the months to come. Don’t delay and keep operating in a recession mindset while we are in a recovery economy!

If you need some ideas to get started, click to download our white paper called “10 Ways to Help You Recruit Your Next Great Salesperson.”

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