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Top Articles to Help You Improve Sales Performance

sales strategyOne of the great benefits from a strong content marketing plan is that past blog articles can continue to be useful and help your target audience.

We've put together the top five articles from 2012 that were viewed the last 30 days. These articles will help your sales performance, getting the first appointment, prioritizing your sales talent and getting past the gatekeeper.

Enjoy and good luck today! 

1) Five Songs for Sales People... and How They Relate to Sales Performance
Gloria Estefan had it right—the rhythm is gonna get’cha. Music can help you push through a difficult workout, it can calm your nerves, and it can even get you pumped up and geared towards success. Music can have a powerful impact on your mindset, and using music and the right rhythm to support positive thoughts could definitely get’cha headed in the right sales direction.

2) Get that First Appointment—Master Your Approach
Have you ever felt like taking a “Wild Wild West” approach to securing your first appointment? Think about it… if only it were appropriate to ‘lasso’ your prospect, ‘tie him down’ and force him to stay engaged so that you may cordially introduce yourself, establish credibility and politely present your value proposition.

3) Hiring vs. Recruiting: There is a difference!
As a sales manager, your number one priority involves making sure you have the most talented people in the right places on your team. There is no doubt that your sales team will ultimately determine the success, or failure, of your sales organization.

4) Six Things High Performing Sales People Never Do!
So much has been said and written about what top sellers do to set themselves apart from the average and low performing sales people. Let’s look at this from a different angle. What things DON’T high performing sales people do? What things do they make certain to NEVER do? 

5) 10 Tips for Getting Past The Gatekeeper
In the B2B sales process, the gatekeeper is typically a receptionist or an executive assistant or a designated person who is trained and responsible for keeping a prospect from being bothered by irrelevant callers.

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