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Four Ways to Get More Qualified Appointments per Week

4 Ways to Get More Qualified Appointments Per WeekSuccess in business usually isn’t because of the big things that are done once in awhile.  It’s usually the little things that are done over time that end up making the big differences. 

Whether it’s asking for referral, creating a special offer in an email footer, or becoming more active within social media, there are small ways to increase the number of appointments each week, which will lead to long term results.

Here are four of the little things that a salesperson can do each week to set more appointments and close more business.

1) Ask for referrals
This might be an “oldie but goodie” but asking for referrals from already satisfied customers or prospects can sometimes help move a salesperson towards getting the next appointment. 

It’s been proven time and time again that if a referral isn’t asked for a referral isn’t given. So go ahead and ask for that referral… it can’t hurt.

2) Change email footer
Add a free consultation to email footers. This might only catch a few people’s attention that receive emails from you, but if they are qualified leads they would certainly be interested in a free consultation. 

3) Social Media
Sometimes when we say that salespeople should be active in social media the connotation comes to mind that we are recommending that they be on Facebook all day looking for old high school friends. The place within social media for salespeople to be cultivating leads and learning about the market place is primarily LinkedIn, which has millions of professionals, and secondarily, Twitter.   

While on LinkedIn the most common activities are joining industry groups, following companies and staying abreast of industry topics (as well as occasionally commenting). Regularly performing the above activities can help bring to light those that might be prospects and help establish industry thought leadership. Also, connecting with potential prospects or partners through LinkedIn messages or group threads can lead to additional appointments and developing more contacts. 

Using LinkedIn and other social media tools can help to cultivate a larger source of referrals and prospects and lead to more weekly appointments. 

4) Pick up the Phone
When push comes to shove sometimes going back to the basics makes a lot of sense. For most salespeople it’s going through salesforce and making a few phone calls. Sometimes prospects were truly busy or out of town and appreciate the call and accept the appointment. Calling to check in and see how they have been doing while offering some product or company updates can sometimes be what’s needed to get that first or next appointment. 

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