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Dirty Dozen Rules for Email Etiquette

emailLast week I attended a client’s annual leadership conference where I had the opportunity to see a keynote presentation from Tim Sanders, former Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo, and author of the bestselling book Love is the Killer App. Tim did a great job articulating the importance of why talent is the key to everything. He also spent some time talking to the audience about email at work and how it is currently the #2 cause of stress in the workplace (#1 is change). Tim mentioned that he has the Dirty Dozen Rules of Email Etiquette and shared a few of them with us.  

Here are five of his rules. What do you think? I bet you might have some of your own rules about email. Feel free to share them in the comment box just below.

  1. Never deliver bad news over email.
  2. Break the thread with a phone call. You know… when everyone keeps going back and forth on email forever! Sometimes more will be solved with a phone call.
  3. Stamp out the "Reply All."
  4. No email at unprofessional hours.
  5. When in doubt, leave the safety on. When you’re really angry, you should send the email to yourself.

Let me know what you think by commenting below. Also if you want more info on Tim's Dirty Dozen Rules of Email Etiquette just click here.

Matt Sunshine is Executive Vice President at The Center for Sales Strategy.

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