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The Ultimate Business Compliment to Improve Your Sales Performance

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Practicing effective communication and showing appreciation can strengthen client relationships.

You need to have good relationships with clients to help your business grow and succeed. If they have helped you, make sure you compliment them as that contributes to improving sales performance through referrals.

How Do You Show Appreciation to Clients?

Take time to think about your clients — do you have a favorite? Perhaps you've been working with a manager from another company, someone who has significantly helped you improve. This particular client brings out the best in you, work-wise. He doesn't just help you think more creatively and work productively, but he has also helped you become more efficient and effective at what you do. 

How do you thank him for helping you grow as a business person? Oftentimes, a client can also become your mentor, an expert who can help you gain a better understanding of your work and the industry in general. You might even want to call them your "favorite clients." 

So how do you show gratitude to them? They need to know, and you need to be sincere. By showing you appreciate them, they will likely have repeat businesses and refer more people to you, which can improve sales performance as a result. 

Outside The Box Ideas for Better Client Retention

Ways to Thank Clients

When you sincerely give them a compliment or a thank you, clients will feel heard and valued. Below are appreciation ideas you might want to consider.

Send a thank you note - We don't just mean crafting a thank you note in an email or on social media. Consider sending a handwritten note to your favorite client, saying you appreciate what they do for you. 

Send a gift - Most companies give mugs, pens, and other items. While this is okay, it might be better to send a thoughtful gift and something personal. For example, if you have a restaurant, you could give them a free meal or a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant. They will appreciate the effort, and it's going to strengthen your relationship with them. 

Support them - Are your clients promoting something on social media? You can help them promote their work by sharing it with your followers. If they are offering a service, consider referring people to their businesses. 

Bend the rules - If they visited your store and you're about to close, extend it for a few minutes to let them browse through your shop. This way, you're going the extra mile for them. Giving your favorite clients upgrades can also help. If you're managing a hotel and they decide to book, consider upgrading them to better accommodation for free. 

Improving Sales Performance

Notice in your personal life how your favorite business makes you feel valued. Become the standard your clients compare with every other business interaction. One small detail can be the key to improving sales performance!

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*Editor's Note: This blog was originally written in 2014 and has since been updated.

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