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Developing Elite Employees Starts with an Elite Onboarding Process

sales onboarding by sales managerIf you want elite sales performance from your new hire, have an elite onboarding process. 

You breathed that sigh of relief after you received a signature from a new hire. Satisfying, right? Now, you must put as much effort into their onboarding as you did into the interview process because hiring elite performers is only part of the overall equation. You expect elite performance from them, but it is not guaranteed.

Set Elite Expectations

Setting expectations with a new hire becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You are excited about your new hire, or you would not be bringing them to your team. If you provide elite expectations to an elite performer, they can thrive with focus. If you set no expectations, anyone can flame out in frustration. 

Communicate Expectations

During the interview process, you are the most dialed-in to their talents including what you think they can do, opportunities you think they can take, and results you think they can deliver. Have you shared those expectations with them? Why wouldn’t you? Provide metrics for the performance you want to see. It’s an easy exercise. Ask yourself exactly what you would be thrilled to see from them in the first three months. Write it down and give it to them. You will likely see a new hire dialed-in to exactly what you want. You will be happier, and they will be even more so. And you will both be on the same page with clear expectations set.

Deliver Elite Onboarding

If you put half-effort into their onboarding, why wouldn’t they put a half effort into your training? Here is an example of six things that an effective onboarding strategy will provide. 

As soon as you make the hire, ensure your onboarding strategy includes these actions:  

  1. Engage and welcome them.

  2. Send personal notes while they work out their notice.

  3. Help build a community for them by introducing them to their new peers and have your team reach out to them with a personal welcome.

  4. Have their desk, phone, computer, business cards, and security codes ready on the first day.

  5. Give them the dress code and the expectations for office hours before they start work.

  6. Help them get exposure to everyone they will work with so they put an early focus on their contributions.

Onboarding with a strategy will provide a dramatic improvement in retention rate and productivity.  Here is the message you are sending with a strategic onboarding process: 

  • We are busy, we expect you to be.
  • We are organized, we expect you to be.
  • We are serious, we expect you to be.
  • We are professional, we expect you to be.

Every organization I have worked with is looking for difference makers to join them because they are striving to improve performance. Set elite expectations with your new hires through an effective onboarding process, and you will get elite performance. Set no expectations, and you will risk doubt in both your mind and theirs. 

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